What is a double opt-in process?

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The double opt-in procedure is a newsletter marketing procedure designed to ensure that recipients actively and consciously register to receive a newsletter. It is a two-stage procedure:

  1. Registration: The recipient enters their e-mail address in a form on the sender's website.

  2. Confirmation: The recipient receives an e-mail with a link. Only when they click on this link will their registration for the newsletter be confirmed.

The double opt-in procedure has several advantages:

  • It protects recipients from spam: It prevents e-mail addresses from being entered into newsletter distribution lists without the knowledge or consent of the recipients.
  • It increases legal certainty: senders can use the double opt-in procedure to ensure that they have the recipient's consent to receive newsletters.
  • It leads to a higher open rate: recipients who have actively signed up for a newsletter are more likely to open the emails.

The double opt-in procedure is required by law in Germany and many other countries for sending advertising newsletters. It is therefore important that senders use this procedure when registering for their newsletter.

Our forms work exclusively with this procedure.

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