Our plans

For a start, your CleverReach account is absolutely free. Costs only arise when your order a price plan or prepaid quota in your account. There will be no costs when using our free plan. CleverReach offers the following price plans:

Flat rate

If you plan on sending several times per month, our flat rate is just the right plan for you. The flat rate price with an unlimited number of emails depends on the number of all active recipients within the created recipient lists of an account. Bounce addresses and unsubscribes are not taken into account. The pricing changes automatically when the number of recipients increases. The number of mailings is irrelevant in this matter

  • No setup fee
  • Minimum contract term of 1 month only
  • Plans can be changed or paused monthly
  • Ideal for regular senders

Monthly plans (High Volume)

For businesses with rapidly growing recipients lists, for agencies or e-commerce retailers, CleverReach is the ideal solution with its stable infrastructure and the flexible High Volume plans. The number of recipients is not relevant in this pricing modell.

  • No setup fee
  • Minimum contract term of 1 month only
  • Plans can be changed or paused monthly
  • perfect for big businesses
  • for lists of 100,000 recipients or more


In our prepaid plan you buy email quota according to your needs. Perfect for occasional senders.

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly basic fee
  • No contract term
  • No minimum sales
  • Purchased quota does not expire with one-time purchase (does not apply to our monthly prepaid plan)

Additional services

  • Design- and Spam test

Find more details in our pricing overview. We'll be happy to assist you with selecting your price plan. Monthly plans are renewed automatically for one month and can be changed or terminated monthly. There is no contract term for the prepaid plan.

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