What is a Design and Spam Test? How Can I Do One in CleverReach?

CleverReach offers a design and spam test as an additional service. This post helps you find out what a design and spam test is and how you can do one in your CleverReach account.

What is a Design and Spam Test?

A design and spam test lets you do a final layout and spam check before actually sending out your newsletter.

When sending your email via our email marketing tool instead of your own email program, it is less likely to end up in your recipient’s spam folder. However, it may happen that some of your emails will still cause spam filters to react – e.g. due to HTML errors in the source code of your email.

Browse this help center post for more tips & tricks on how to create emails and improve the deliverability.

To avoid ending up in the spam folder, we recommend doing a design and spam test before sending your email.

A design & spam test checks:

- Inbox preview of your email: How is your newsletter going to be displayed in the most common email programs (e. g. various Outlook versions, Gmail, Yahoo!)?
- Spam notifications: Could your newsletter trigger a spam notification?

How Do I Do a Design and Spam Test in CleverReach?

You can buy our design and spam test as an additional option, no matter which price plan you’re in. Simply click on the top right profile icon and navigate to [My Account – Billing – Plans & Prices]:


To do a design and spam test navigate to [Emails] and open the draft of your email, e.g. in the newsletter editor:

When clicking on [Preview] > [Design & Spam Test] you can start your design and spam test. In case you haven’t purchased your test quota yet, you can directly get by clicking on [Buy Design and Spam Tests].


If you have already bought a quota of design and spam test and completed the purchase process, you can start the test right away by clicking on [Start Test]:


Above the process you an check the status of your test.

If the test is still running, not all available email clients have been checked yet.

Please note: As the test is running in the background, you don't need to keep the test screen open the entire time - you can simply view the results later. 


Take a look at the results of the spam test once the entire test is completed.

If you like, you can click on [Download Results] to download the test results as a zip file (note: the download will take some time).

Please note: The design & spam test is offered by an external provider. In case an error occurs, our service team might not be able to identify it immediately. We still ask you to contact our service team if any error messages come up or the tests don’t work properly. Our service team will be happy to assist you. Thanks in advance.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further support, please contact our service team at any time.