Design and spam tests

As an additional service CleverReach offers a design and spam test. This test lets you check your emails’ layout and evaluates how “spammy” your email might be considered – before distributing a campaign. This test is not bound to your CleverReach version (paid – free) and can be added on demand. You will find the current fees on our pricelist.

To do such a test you first need a draft of an email campaign. Within this draft you can start the test under [Preview] > [Design & spam test]. If you haven’t purchased your testing quota yet you can do this under [Buy design and spam test]. Every test includes display of your email in all selected email clients.

If you have purchased your test quota you can begin the test by clicking [Start test]:

Within a very short time you should be able to view the first results. With a click on any of the clients you can have a look at a larger view of the results.

Above the display of results you can see the status of the test. You will only see the results for all selected email clients once the entire test is completed. You can download the entire test as a zip file by clicking on the link [Download results] (note: the download will take some time).

You do not need to keep the test overview opened. The test runs in the background so that you can check out the most current status of the test at a later point.

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