Optimizing deliverability of your CleverReach emails

There is always the possibility that your email will land in your recipients’ spam folder. A spam rating can have various causes. Below you will find measures you can take to reduce the risk of your emails being classified as spam:

1. Use a custom subdomain

We recommend that you use a custom subdomain for distribution via CleverReach, which then can be used for tracking links. You will find information on this here.

2. Alternative image text

Insert a meaningful alternative text to describe every image you use. If these texts are empty or filled with “spammy” labels you have a higher risk of being marked as spam. Commonly used terms are “product XY” or “logo company name”.

3. Set SPF records

Set up a SPF record with your provider (if possible) to reduce the risk of spam. Some providers and email systems check for these records with SPF queries. Find more information here.

4. Optimize the subject line

Be careful when selecting your subject line. Words/characters within the subject line such as “free, cheap, %, $, Dollar” could be marked as “spammy” with some spam filters. Make the subject line as compelling as interesting, ideally using personalization. We do not recommend standard/generic phrases such as e.g. “Newsletter February” etc.

5. Avoid phishing warnings

When inserting hyperlinks in your email campaign be careful not to make them appear to be phishing links. Find more information here.

6. Even balance between images and text

Create your emails with a good image/text ratio in mind (if you do use images). If e.g. you send an email that basically consists of one large image this can easily be classified as spam.

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