Inserting graphics and images into your emails

Please note: This helpcenter post describes how to proceed among other things with our Classic Editor for creating newsletters. The Classic Editor is no longer technically developed.  

We recommend creating your emails in our new Newsletter Editor from now on. It is continuously developed, much easier to use and it offers lots of valuable and handy features.

You have multiple options of inserting images into your emails. We offer an image database which allows you to upload images up to a size of 1024 MB (depending on your CleverReach rate). Images can be directly uploaded and added to an email. Of course you can also host images externally on your server and then add them to your campaign via a link. Embedding images in an email is not possible.

Upload images (classic editor and CleverReach image database)

Within your email campaign click on the image element and then the button [Insert/edit image].

The window that opens will display the image properties. Here you can now define the settings and select the image or upload it directly from your hard drive.

When you click [Upload] the image administration will open and you can directly upload new images or select saved images.

By clicking on an image you can insert it into an email. When you mark the image and click the settings symbol you can additionally edit it.

Upload images (via HTML-editor and CleverReach image database)

In the HMTL editor’s menu you will find a symbol that allows you to open the image administration.

Upload images (newsletter editor and CleverReach image database)

When you create or edit your mailing in the Newsletter Editor, you can insert an element for the image and click on the image icon on the right:


The CleverReach image database will open and you can select or upload your desired image. You can find more information in this article.

Insert external images without the CleverReach database

All images can be stored on your own server. To insert an image into an email you only need to enter the image path.

In the image administration (under [Emails] > [Images]) you can manage, edit and delete all saved images.

Important notes:

  1. Uploading images of a total size of 5 MB is completely free of charge! If you pay a monthly usage fee respectively have a prepaid contingent of more than 10.00 EUR per year the capacity is automatically raised to 1024 MB.
  2. Please note that a single image may not exceed a file size of 487 KB.
  3. As a CleverReach user you agree to not upload any image that is pornographic, illegal or racist, that infringes on copyright or is unlawful in any other way.
  4. The image administration only works with the most current browser versions. E.g. you cannot use the image administration with Internet Explorer 9 or older.
  5. If you exchange an image you always need to use a new file name since images in your database are saved in the image cache in the Cloud.
  6. When images are deleted from the image administration they are no longer available in emails or online versions. Images should only be deleted when you are absolutely sure that they are no longer needed (e.g. in old emails).