How can I avoid phishing warnings?

To be able to see the number of clicks on a link in your email we use tracking links. Your destination URL is converted to a tracking link which immediately redirects to the destination page.

Example: Your destination URL is and will be converted to the tracking link If a recipient clicks on the link in the email he will immediately be redirected to This enables us to track all (single and repeated) clicks on the link.

Many email clients are very sensitive when it comes to having the destination URL placed within the body of your email if there is another URL behind it. If you click a phishing link you will not be taken to the URL you see since the link displayed in the email is not identical with the destination URL. Whenever an email program identifies such a discrepancy it can happen that a phishing warning is displayed.

To avoid these warnings simply enter a link text for your hyperlinks or insert the URL without the "http://".

The actual link URL (the destination URL) needs to begin with “http://” since otherwise the link will not work.

Avoid phishing:

  • Use link texts such as “” or “click here”.
  • Avoid using “http://” within the link text to avoid phishing warnings.
  • Use a custom domain, to optimize deliverability for your emails.