Inserting the link to the online version

Please note: This helpcenter post describes how to proceed with our old Classic Editor and Newsletter editor for creating newsletters. The Classic Editor is no longer technically developed.  

We recommend creating your emails in our new Newsletter Editor from now on. It is continuously developed, much easier to use and it offers lots of valuable and handy features.

CleverReach offers a basic online version for all created and distributed email campaigns. For this you can use the variable {ONLINE_VERSION}. This variable will automatically become the link to the online version for every recipient.

Source text: <a href="{ONLINE_VERSION}">Online-Version</a>

In the Classic Editor menu you will find the link to the online version under [URL's].


In the Newsletter Editor, you can find the link to the online version by clicking in an element and expanding the two curly brackets {} on the right and going to [Links]: