Attach tags to a complete recipient list

You can use tags to group and segment your recipients according to various criteria. For example, you can tag all recipients, who are interested in a specific product, or all recipients, who have opened your newsletter in the last 30 days, 

There are two ways to attach tags to an entire list in CleverReach:

By exporting and importing a file

    1. In your account, click on the Recipients menu item on the left.

    2. Select the recipient list for which you want to attach the tags to the recipients. 
    3. Export the list using the three menu items ●●●● and click on Export the current list of results here. In the article Import and export tags of your recipients you will find further information on this topic. 

    4. Open the downloaded file with a spreadsheet program.
    5. Add a new column with the heading Tag and enter the tags per row that you want to attach to your recipients. Save your file.
    6. Import the file you have just saved via recipients > the three menu items ●●●● next to your recipient list and click on Import.
    7. Select the file and then click on Upload. You can now link the Tag data field with the Tags data field from the import file link.
    8. Select the Update & Add option below and click Next. Your data is now updated and the tags added to the recipients.

With a THEA automation chain

For an introduction to the topic of automation, please also read our article Automation THEA: The simple automation chain

You can assign tags using an automation. To do this, set up the chain as follows:

      1. Calendar element and list of days as start symbol (e.g. today xx-xx-2024 at 12:00 noon)
      2. Load recipient group element: Select your recipient list here 
      3. Change data element: Select the TAG that you want to assign 

        Your automation chain looks like this:

      1. For the Change data element, assign the tag (here: example-tag (highlighted in blue).

      2. Click on the Save button.
      3. Also save your automation chain. As set, this will be activated on the desired day at the desired time, the tags will be attached to your selected recipient list. 

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.