Import and export tags from your recipients

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With CleverReach, you have the option of importing tags for your recipients or exporting existing tags. This allows you to manage and segment your recipient list more efficiently so that you can carry out targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Super tags can currently only be imported via your integrations.

Follow these steps:

Import of tags

By importing tags, you can quickly and easily assign relevant characteristics. You can use one of our many integrations or use a file in the CSV, Excel or text file format upload.

  1. Within the recipient overview of the group, click on the orange Add data button.

  2. Click on Select file and locate the file you want to upload on your drive. Then click on the Upload button at the bottom right.

  3. In the next step, assign the data fields by clicking on not allocated.

  4. A drop-down menu appears in which you can select the appropriate select the appropriate data field. For tags it is the data field tags.

  5. Select whether the tags data field should be added to the recipients added or updated & added should be added. Click at the bottom right on Next.

  6. Your import of tags was successful. You will now see this overview and you can download the import report here.
  7. You will now find the imported tags in the recipient overview at the top of the Profile data. Here in the example it is the tag received

Export of tags

Within the recipient group, the tags of the current view can be exported at any time, regardless of which recipients you are currently displaying. The export gives you a clear overview of the tags already assigned to your recipients.

  1. Within the recipient overview of the group, click on the right on the icon with the 3 dots● and on Export the latest results list here.

  2. In the next window, you can specify the respective character set and the separator within the export file, and you can also set a check mark at Export tags and start the export via the Download button.

  3. The export process begins now. If it is a small amount of data you will immediately receive confirmation in the same window with the corresponding download link:

If it is a larger export, you do not need to wait for the result at this point. wait for the result, you will receive an email after the completion of each export process an email with the link to download the file.
The e-mail address depends on the user you have logged in with (see My account > user). The file is stored for up to saved for up to 24 hours. You can start a new export at any time, as long as no current process is running.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.