Why do I get the message "Too many clicks on preview link" when sending a test?

This error message occurs if a link in a preview e-mail is clicked often within an hour.

Why is there this restriction?

This restriction serves to prevent the misuse of preview links for sending spam. Spammers could try to get a large number of people to click on a link in a preview email in order to damage the sender's reputation or send their emails to the spam filter.

Does this restriction also apply to genuine shipping?

No, this restriction only applies to preview emails. There is no limit to the number of clicks on a link in real mailings.

What can I do if I receive this error message?

  • Wait one hour: After one hour, try clicking on the link again. If the number of clicks has fallen below 45 during this time, the link should work again.
  • Use a different link: If you need the link urgently, you can try using a different link in the same email or in a different email.

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