Elements for creating forms (Beta)

Note: This function is currently in the beta phase and is being actively developed.
Your feedback helps us to make it even better. Please send your suggestions for improvement to our service team.

Forms allow your website visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter. You can easily create and customise forms with our elements. This is how it works:

Form elements

Input fields on forms → User-friendly data input

Input fields are interactive elements that allow users to enter information. They come in various forms to capture different types of data, for example:

  • Text: Free text input for names, addresses, notes etc.
  • E-Mail: Specific input formatting for valid e-mail addresses.
  • News: Multi-line text fields for more detailed entries.

By entering data in these fields, users can interact with websites or applications and submit information. This data is then processed by the form and used further, for example to complete registrations, place orders or process contact enquiries.

In the example, we have inserted a query with input fields for the salutation, first name and surname:

Checkboxes → Simple selection options for more flexibility


  • Visual element: Checkboxes appear as small boxes on the screen.
  • Multiple selection: Each checkbox represents a single option. Users can activate several checkboxes at the same time to select different options.
  • Activation and deactivation: Click on the checkbox to activate it (tick appears) or deactivate it (tick disappears).
  • The data is stored with the user as tags.

In the example, we have inserted a query using checkboxes for various sports:

Drop-down menus → Compact selection options for a better overview

Drop-down menus are interactive elements that allow the user to make a space-saving and structured selection from several options. When closed, a drop-down menu appears as a field with an arrow.
Clicking on the arrow or the field opens a list of options. The user can then select the desired option by clicking on it.
In the example, we have added a query based on gender:

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.