Create and edit unsubscribe forms (beta)

Note: This function is currently in the beta phase and is being actively developed.
Your feedback helps us to make it even better. Please send your suggestions for improvement to our service team.

An unsubscribe form must be included with every email dispatch so that a newsletter recipient can unsubscribe from the newsletter if they wish. You can create your own subscribe and unsubscribe form for each recipient list under Forms.

Create a new unsubscribe form

  1. Log in to your CleverReach account and click on Forms in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the Forms tab (Beta) and on Add form in the top right-hand corner.

  3. In the following pop-up window, click on the Continue button under Unsubscribe.

  4. Decide whether your unsubscribe form should appear as an own page (landing page) or whether it should be embedded on a website.

  5. Enter a name for your form, select a recipient list and click on Create.

  6. With both options, you have the option of customising your form with our elements and design templates in the editor. We explain which elements are available to you there and what functions they have in more detail in our article elements for creating forms.
  7. When you have finished creating your form, click Next at the top right of the editor.

Edit an existing unsubscribe form

  1. Log in to your CleverReach account and click on Forms in the menu on the left.

  2. Click on the Forms tab (Beta) and, if a form already exists, click on the three dots on the right ••• > Edit.

  3. You will be redirected to our editor, where you have elements available for editing on the right:

  4. Further information on using the editor can be found in our article elements for creating forms.
  5. When you have finished creating your form, click Continue at the top right of the editor.

Check and correct your cancellation form settings

After creating the form in the editor, you can view a summary of your form in an overview and edit individual steps. You can subsequently change the form name, copy the link for publication or customise the unsubscribe steps. Under Advanced settings, you can make further adjustments to make your form even more effective.

Customise the deregistration steps

To display the steps of your deregistration form, first select the type of deregistration:

Types of deregistration

Single Opt-out

The recipient is shown a confirmation page that they have been unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Confirmed Opt-out

(→ This type of deregistration is automatically preset)

The recipient enters their email address in an unsubscribe form and confirms their cancellation from a recipient list, e.g. by clicking on an unsubscribe button. The unsubscribe confirmation page is then displayed.

Double Opt-out

The steps for double opt-out are structured as follows:

Step 1 Unsubscribe Recipients enter their details in the form on this page to subscribe to the newsletter.

Step 2 Notice


After sending the cancellation, recipients will see this notification page.
Step 3 Opt-in-email Recipients will receive this email to confirm their cancellation by clicking on the link.

Step 4 Confirmation

Recipients will see this page after confirming their cancellation.
  1. Click on Edit to customise the respective step.
    If you would like to customise the design for each step, you can deactivate the automatic transfer in the design settings:

Edit advanced settings

  1. Click on Settings at the top right of the overview and select Advanced.

  2. The advanced settings are now visible.

  3. You have the following options:
    Blocklist Add unsubscribed recipients to blocklist
    As soon as a recipient unsubscribes, their email address is automatically added to the cross-group blocklist.
    Domain The domain is visible in the link to the cancellation form
    List Recipients are saved from this recipient list

In the article Newsletter Editor: Insert unsubscribe form (beta) in newsletter, we explain how you can place your new unsubscribe form in your mailing.

Help & Support

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