Newsletter Editor: Inserting social media icons

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With social media icons in your newsletter, you can direct your subscribers directly to your social media profiles and take advantage of the benefits:

Click rate Link directly to your social media profiles and seamlessly redirect your subscribers to your content.
Follower numbers Make it easy for your subscribers to follow you on social media and increase your reach.
Commitment Encourage interaction with your community through likes, comments and shares.
Awareness Present your social media profiles prominently in your newsletter and increase the recognition value of your brand.

This article will show you how:

Inserting the social media buttons via the editor

  1. Open a mailing in your CleverReach account under Emails or create a new email, e.g. using our templates.

  2. You will find the social element on the right under the elements tab. Either drag and drop it to the desired position in your mailing or click on the element and then click where you want to place it.

  3. All available icons now appear in a row. Click on them to open the settings on the right.
    You can choose between Rounded, Square and Transparent for the layout. You can also choose between colored, white, gray and black icons under color.

  4. As described above, all available linking options are displayed until you make entries next to the icons.
    To change the displayed order of the icons, click on the dotted button in front of the icon and drag it up or down.

  5. For example, if you enter your username next to the Instagram icon, only this will be displayed in the mailing:

    You can add as many social networks as you like to your mailing.
    It is also possible to link two accounts from the same network. To do this, insert another social element and fill in the username field with your second account.

Share your campaign link on social media

  1. In your CleverReach account, click on reports in the menu on the left.

  2. Select the mailing you would like to share and click on Social Media at the top of the tab.

  3. Here you will find a link to copy, which presents your mailing in an appealing way for sharing in your desired network.

Special feature: Insert WhatsApp icon and use click-to-chat

WhatsApp's Click-to-Chat feature allows you to start a chat with a person without having their phone number saved in your address book.


  • You need to know the phone number of the person you want to chat with.
  • The person must have an active WhatsApp account.

Insert icon:

  1. Add the social element to your mailing as described above.

  2. You can insert the phone number directly next to the icon. There are two options:
    Important: Enter the phone number without a sign, zeros, brackets or spaces.
    Example: +49 ‭176 249089687
  3. After entering the phone number, click on Preview > Preview in the top right-hand corner to test the function.

  4. Click on the icon in the preview. You will be automatically redirected to WhatsApp and can start a chat.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our service team. They’ll be there for you.