Create a segment

Segmentation is an important function that allows you to target messages to specific audiences. For an overview of this feature, see Segments - Overview and Function.
In diesem Artikel unseres Helpcenters erfahren Sie, wie Sie Segmente erstellen und wie sie Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihre E-Mail-Kampagnen noch effektiver und relevanter für Ihre Empfänger zu gestalten:

Create a segment

  1. In one of your recipient lists, click Segments, and then click Add Segment.

  2. In the following example, all recipients are selected that match the field city is equal to Oldenburg.

  3. Via the selection Recipient must fulfill, you can store whether it is an And or Or condition. If you select a condition, for example, only one condition must be fulfilled in order to correspond to this segment. If you select all conditions, all subsequent conditions must be fulfilled. If you select only one condition in the segment, the selection has no meaning.

    The Expert mode switch also gives you the option of extending the segment function to store extended AND or OR conditions.

Creating a FollowUp segment

You also have the option to segment recipients by activity based on previously sent mailings (FollowUp segment).

Provided the privacy feature is not enabled (see under Profile icon in the top right corner, then go to My Account > Settings > Privacy policy, you can segment all recipients who have opened a particular mailing.

Please note that if you have selected multiple recipient lists for an e-mail dispatch, unfortunately no Follow-Up segment can be created in the report area. The segment must then be created manually in each recipient list.

You can now use this segment as a target group when sending or export the data of the segment. The segments are dynamic, so if your recipient data changes, this will also affect the segments at the same time. This segment feature can also be used for automated birthday emails. You can find more info about this here.

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