Newsletter Editor: Deposit your own elements in the account

Individuality and creativity are the keys to successful email marketing campaigns. In this article, you'll learn how to give your account a personal touch by adding your own elements.

Insert standard elements

CleverReach provides some default elements which you can add to your mailing design. The existing elements are displayed on the right sidebar:

Select the desired element and drag and drop it to the appropriate place in your mailing.

Create your own elements

It is possible to create elements that are customized to your own needs. These must be integrated into the system as HTML code.

  1. Click Emails in the left menu and then click the Elements tab.
  2. Clicking the Create new elements button will open a new window:

  3. Assign a name for your element and paste source code as content.
    Example: <!--#html#--><!--#/html#-->
  4. Click Save.

Important notes

Check out the CleverReach template technique!

Custom elements must always be completely custom HTML areas, optimally a complete HTML table.

Note that errors in the HTML structure of your elements can lead to serious errors in the mailings.

You can also use your own elements for the use of the dynamic interfaces as well, you can find more info here.

Note that CleverReach does not provide support for custom templates or elements

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