Tips for creating emails

Emails are an effective tool in email marketing to reach customers and spread information. In this article you will find valuable tips and best practices that will help you create professional and engaging emails:

General tips

  1. Define goal and call-to-action of the email
    -> A clear objective helps to make the content and message of the email more effective. A call to action (e.g. a button to click or a link to sign up for the newsletter) serves as a means to this end. 
  2. Choose appealing subject line
    -> The subject line should arouse curiosity and clarify the value of the email. Avoid long or lurid subject lines to avoid spam filters.
  3. Creation and layout
    -> Keep the design of the email clean, uncluttered and appealing. Use clear headlines, short paragraphs and high-quality images to grab reader's attention. Our basic templates will help with the design.
  4. Personalization
    -> Personalized emails create a stronger bond with the recipient. Use the recipient's first name and tailor the content to their interests or past interactions.
  5. Valuable content and no spam
    -> Share informative articles, exclusive offers or useful tips that add value to recipients. Do not use overly promotional phrases, capital letters or excessive exclamation marks.

Tips for creating with the CleverReach Newsletter Editor

Choice of browser

Use Chrome or Firefox in the current version.
Browsers like Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer are not recommended.

Browser plug-ins such as Skype, Firebug or AdBlock should always be deactivated for the CleverReach domain, as they can sometimes write incorrect source code in the HTML mails.

Use of our newsletter editor

Use our new Newsletter Editor, which allows you to create effective email campaigns through the intuitive user interface.

Note: The Classic Editor is technically no longer under development. We recommend you to create your mailing in our Newsletter Editor. This is constantly being developed further, is easier to use and offers you many helpful and useful functions.

Using the basic templates

We recommend using a basic template. The basic templates are customizable templates according to the latest technical standards. This makes the emails work very well in as many email clients as possible. Also the responsive mobile view is easy to implement with these templates.

Creation of the email

The basic template will help you to design your email ideally. In the right menu you will find the elements from which you can design the email. You can drag and drop them to the places where you need them.

Image use

The images in your mailing are particularly important.
The basic templates already tell you here for the images which image size is correct. The most important thing is to specify the width.

Use these tips to optimize your images for the mailing.

Inserting text

The most important rule is that you do not paste text directly from Word, other emails, PDF files, etc.. Doing so will copy formatting along with it, which can make your emails look different than you want them to.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend one of two methods:

      1. On Windows, you can paste text using Ctrl+Shift+V. Unlike Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Shift+V removes formatting.

      2. You can paste texts in advance into a plain text program. On Windows, this would be Notepad. On Mac you can use KomodoEdit.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Place an unsubscribe link clearly and legibly in your mailing. CleverReach templates automatically include an unsubscribe link
  • Yes, there must be an imprint in the email
  • The sender address must be an active and retrievable email address
  • Improve the deliverability of your emails
  • Personalize your email with the placeholders (e.g. first name, last name, etc.) using the available placeholders