Optimal display of images in mobile newsletters

Using images can make your message more visually appealing and increase your readers engagement.

In this article, you'll learn how to properly insert images into our newsletter editor for optimal viewing on mobile devices.

Tips for your pictures

Before you start inserting images into the newsletter editor, make sure your images are optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
Pay attention to the following aspects:

Image size

Reduce the image size so that the image loads quickly. A good guideline is to limit the image width to 640 pixels or less. 

Responsive Design

By using our image templates, you automatically use a responsive design for your newsletters. This ensures that the images and the entire newsletter are automatically adjusted to the recipient's screen size and that the images are scaled and displayed correctly on different devices.

File format

Save images in PNG, JPG, or GIF format. Use PNG format to maintain transparency.

Alternative text

Add alternative text to your images. Mobile email clients may automatically block images from loading. Alternative text allows recipients to understand the content of the image, even if the image doesn't load.

Testing on different devices

Check your newsletter on different mobile devices to make sure that the images are displayed correctly. There are several email testing tools and services that you can use to test your newsletters on different devices and email clients.