First steps

Hello and welcome to CleverReach!

You're new to us? Awesome!

We have summarized some details on your first steps and most important information for you.


1. Create an account

Go to


Simply click on "Sign up for free". The registration only takes you a few minutes.

Log in with the credentials that we've sent you via email.


2. Enter your data

Click on [My Account] - [Settings] - [My Data] and enter your data. For safety reasons, we check all new accounts. With our high security standards we can guarantee that our servers always have a high reputation.



3. Take a look at the most important information

There are a few important articles in our Help Center and elsewhere that I would like to point out first.

  • Our anti-spam requirements describe exactly which recipients you can import. Read them here
  • You always start with our free price plan. What that means and what terms and conditions our free plan has you can find here
  • Significantly improve your deliverability. You can find the most important articles on improving your deliverability here. Only if you implement these measures can we achieve a high level of deliverability of opt-in mails and emails:
    Use Subdomain and Cname
    General information on deliverability


4. Import your data

You already have data you want to use in CleverReach? Simply upload your CSV file to get started right away.

You can find instructions on how to import your data here

Read everything about our approval process here


5. Create a form

To win new recipients, it's best to use a CleverReach form. You can also integrate this form on your own website.

Find instructions on how to create a form here


6. Find the right price plan

Go to [My Account] - [Billing] - [Plans & Prices] and find your perfect price plan. You need help? Simply submit an inquiry and we're happy to support you: Submit inquiry


7. Have a look at our additional features

You want more than just standard? Then this is the right place for you.

We have integrations with many external CRM, CSM and shop systems: Integrations

Out Automation Center THEA allows you to build complex automation workflows on a virtual drawing borad. Find an overview es here and all instructions here