Installation PrestaShop module

The CleverReach® PrestaShop Integration module offers the synchronization of your PrestaShop customers and guest subscribers with your CleverReach® subscription groups.

The CleverReach® PrestaShop Integration will track users who have followed the links in your email campaign. When a user completes a purchase, the application will send basic order details back to your reporting dashboard in CleverReach®. This allows you to analyze conversions generated by your mailings.


  • Entire recipient list, data fields, segments and tags are created automatically
  • Automatic import of existing recipients and customers incl. order information
  • Regular live synchronization of new recipients and customers incl. order information
  • Recipients are noted with "yes" or "no" for their respective newsletter status
  • Automatic transfer of customer group and sub shops details for each recipient
  • Synchronization of unsubscribes between shop system and CleverReach®
  • Product search: Insert your products into your newsletter
  • Connect Link extension: Statistics about orders and turnover from each email campaign
  • Plugin is available in english, german, french, italian and spanish


The CleverReach® PrestaShop integration can be installed within a few minutes by going through the following steps:

Step 1: Download the module (here)
Step 2: Go to the PrestaShop back office
Step 3: Navigate to [Modules & Services >> Modules & Services] or [Modules >> Modules & Services] depending on the PrestaShop version that is used
Step 4: Click on [Add new module] or [Upload a module] button depending on the PrestaShop version that is used
Step 5: Select downloaded file and click on [Upload this module], if needed.
Step 6: After reloading the page, the module should be ready for use.

After the installation is complete, the CleverReach® configurations can be set by clicking on the CleverReach® icon in the main menu on the left side of the screen, as shown in the image at the bottom:



Question: Is the plugin also Multistore compatible?

Answer: Yes, the plugin is multistore compatible. If you have activated the "Multistore " function, our plugin will check it.  All contacts that come in via store A or store B get a tag in the recipient list "Prestashop", so that you can filter with it in the tool and for example create a segment per store.



If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our service team.