Installation Shopware Plugin

This document briefly explains basic steps how to use the new version of the CleverReach® plugin for Shopware and its functions.


  • Import of existing contacts and customers incl. order information
  • Live-Import of new recipients and customers
  • Connect Link Extension: Statistics about orders and turnovers from each email campaign.
  • Product search: Insert your products into your newsletter
  • Option to allocate different online shops to your CleverReach account

Connection to CleverReach®

The first step after the installation/update of the plugin is to log in. To open the plugin, click on the [Marketing] section in the top menu and choose CleverReach as shown in the image below:

After the plugin has been selected, a new window opens as shown in the image below

On the left side, each shop is listed with its status. After selecting the shop, a window pops up with all settings for the plugin and the chosen shop:

The upper part of the Settings tab shows the status for each plugin function:

  • connect
  • Activate product search
  • shop / customer group assignment
  • export

If you are not logged in, the lower part of the Settings tab (assignment panel) and the Export tab are disabled.

To connect to CleverReach®, click the [Connect] button in the Settings tab as shown in the image below:

After clicking on [Connect], the window as shown in the image below is opened:

The following credentials must be entered to connect the plugin with your CleverReach® account:

  • Customer ID
  • Username
  • Password

After entering the credentials and clicking on the [Authorize] button, the plugin is connected to your CleverReach® account.

Product search activation

To use this function, the product search must be activated. You can do so by clicking Activate product search [1] in the upper part of the Settings tab as shown in the image below:

When the product search is activated, a green tick is shown [2].

When defining the content [1] during the process of creating an email in the CleverReach® admin panel, the activated product search for every shop is listed as a dynamic element [2] on the right-side menu as shown in the image below.


To export customers to CleverReach® lists and optionally send double opt-in emails, at least one customer group (first column in Shop / customer groups assignment panel) from your shop must be assigned to a group in CleverReach® (second column in Shop / customer groups assignment panel) as shown in the image below:

After the assignment, click on the Export tab [1] and then Start Export [2] as shown in image below:

Optionally, the number of records per export can be set to less than 250.

Export can be activated manually. Also the plugin supports live export of new contact and customers along with their order information.

Connect Link extension

This functionality enables measuring conversions through CleverReach interface. It requires activating Connect link extension as shown on image below:

When this feature is activated, go to [Reports] > [Campaign name] > [Overview] where report for specific campaign is shown. Statistics regarding campaign and conversion data can be found in the report:

Conversions can also be seen directly in the recipients' profiles. Go to specific recipient and click Purchase information. When clicked, all data regarding recipient's purchases is shown below:

Important notes:

1. What is the difference between ordering customers and shop customers?

With the term ordering customers we describe people that have not activated the newsletter option – they are “mere” buying customers. With shop customers we describe people that have activated the newsletter option. These customers can be contacted e.g. through a newsletter with a personalized salutation, since this data is available.

2. What are the most common reasons for my customer data not being transferred?

The most common reason for faulty / incomplete data transfer between CleverReach and Shopware is a missing definition of groups and along with that the missing assignment of Shopware data to CleverReach and vice versa. Please define customer groups in CleverReach and assign them to the Shopware groups under [Shop customer group list assignment] and initiate the [initial export] again.

3. How are direct newsletter registrations transferred?

Customers that register for your newsletter directly from your shop will be added to the group of prospects. With prospects we label all these “non-customers” (non-buying-customers) that register for your newsletter via your shop. This means that you can send these contacts a newsletter with a generic salutation since recipients in this group generally will not have provided more information than their email address. In contrast you have the group of shop customers that have checked the newsletter box from their customer account and who have provided you more personal data.

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