Installation Shopware 5 integration

The CleverReach®-Shopware integration offers a synchronization of your Shopware newsletter subscribers and your CleverReach® recipient lists.

The CleverReach®-Shopware integration also uses the CleverReach Connect link extension. When a customer places an order, the interface sends all order information back to your CleverReach® report. This way you can evaluate revenues generated by your mailings.


  • Entire recipient list, data fields, segments and tags are created automatically
  • Automatic import of existing recipients and customers incl. order information
  • Regular live synchronization of new recipients and customers incl. order information
  • Recipients are noted with "yes" or "no" for their respective newsletter status
  • Automatic transfer of customer group and sub shops details for each recipient
  • Synchronization of unsubscribes between shop system and CleverReach®
  • Product search: Insert your products into your newsletter
  • Connect Link extension: Statistics about orders and turnover from each email campaign
  • Plugin is available in english, german, french, italian and spanish

Connection to CleverReach®

You can download our free plugin directly from the Shopware marketplace.

After the installation, you can find the plugin in your Shopware backend in the [Marketing] section in the upper menu bar. Click on [CleverReach], as shown in the image below:

A new window opens in your shop:


Create a new CleverReach® account or log into your already existing account.

A new list of recipients called „Shopware“, including data field, segments and tags, is created in CleverReach®.

When your recipient data is transferred, a type of "mirroring" is performed in Shopware and all your customer data is transferred to the "Shopware" recipient list at CleverReach®.


The filtering by customer groups and sub shops is done via "Tags" (tagging):


Tagging means attaching features, categories or notes to a recipient.

In the screenshot above you will find the tag "SW-G-Default". This means the recipient/customer comes from:

  • SW = Shopware
  • G = Group
  • Default = Standard

This means that the recipient is currently in the Shopware standard group.

The tag "SW-S-CleverReach_demo_shop" means:

  • SW = Shopware
  • S = Sub shop
  • CleverReach_demo_shop = In which sub shop is the respective recipient/customer stored

The various customer groups and sub shops are created via segments in the Shopware group:


Key legend:

G = Groups – customer group from your Shopware shop
NG = newsletter group – newsletter recipients from your Shopware shop
S = Sub shop - Contains all recipients from the sub shop XY (if you manage several shops)

You can also filter multiple tags. You can find an example here:


In the Shopware marketplace you will find the plugin to download for free.

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