CleverReach© pricing in detail

CleverReach© offers 3 basic price plans


Flat rate - For regular senders 

Prepaid - For occasional senders

Volume plans - For big players with a large number of mailings

Flat rate

The flat rate is based on the total number of active recipients in your account. For calculation purposes, the active recipients of all your recipient lists are added together*.

The advantage of the flat rate is that you can write as many emails as you like to your active recipients at a monthly fixed price. No matter whether you write to your recipients 2 or 5 times a month - you pay a fixed amount which is debited every month. Generally, the flat rate is the perfect choice for you if you send more than 2 times a month. We also highly recommend this rate for ongoing automation workflows, as the flat rate means that you hardly need to pay attention to the fact that your mailing quota is suddenly exhausted. 

For example:

If you have a recipient list with 1,700 recipients, you book the corresponding flat rate for up to 2,500 recipients. You pay the monthly fixed fee and can write to your 1,700 recipients as often as you like. After 30 days, the subscription is automatically renewed so that you can continue sending without interruption. You pay the subscription fee again and can again write to your recipients for 30 days as often as you like.

The flatrate can be cancelled at any time at the end of the respective period (30 days). 


"Prepaid" is the best way to go, if you're only an occasional sender who sends emails only e. g. every 3 months.

Here you buy a fixed quota, e. g. 5,000 emails. If you now send emails to a list with 1,500 active recipients, you still have 3,500 Prepaid emails left. 

Your one-time Prepaid quota does not expire, so you can use it later at any time.

Monthly Prepaid

The monthly Prepaid subscription is a mix of flat rate and Prepaid. This plan is particularly useful if you only send emails to a small percentage of your active recipients per month. 

For example: You have 10,000 active recipients in your account. Out of these 10,000 you only send emails to 900 of them per month. In this case, monthly Prepaid is the cheapest option for you.

If, for example, you book the monthly subscription with 1,000 prepaid emails, you will receive 1,000 prepaid emails every month. You can now send 1,000 mails, e. g. one mail to 1,000 recipients or 2 mails to 500 recipients, etc.

The plan starts new every month - You again pay for the monthly subscription and get 1,000 Prepaid emails. Left-over quota expires.

The monthly Prepaid subscription can be cancelled at any time at the end of the respective period (30 days). 

Volume plans

This plan is particularly suited for permanent senders. For example: You want to send 250,000 emails to 125,000 recipients. The Volume plan is the best choice for you. 

In the volume plan, you book a fixed quota, for example 300,000 emails. You can now write 3 times to 100,000 recipients or 2 times to 125,000 recipients and so on. The quota is available for 30 days.

This plan starts anew every month - you pay the subscription price again and receive another 300,000 mails. Left-over quota expires.

The volume plan can be cancelled at any time at the end of the respective period (30 days).


* Double recipients are counted double.


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