Analysis of problems with the Shopware Plugin

Please help us to help you

Please check the following aspects before sending an inquiry about the Shopware plugin and let us know about your findings.

Account data

Have you entered all your accound data in "My Account -> Settings -> Your data"?
A successful connection will only be established when you have entered all your data.


Have you enabled the "REST API" access for the user who connects with CleverReach® via the plugin?

Find further instructions here

Are you using the latest version of the plugin?

You always find the latest version directly in your Plugin Manager when you search for “CleverReach”. Alternatively, you can find it here

Are you using the latest Shopware version?

Find the latest Shopware version by clicking on this link

Have you read the complete instructions yet?

Find our instructions on the Shopware 5 plugin here.

Find our instructions on the Shopware 6 plugin here.


Meanings of already known error messages

Error message "Bad Request: maximum attribute count exceeded":

You have created too many data fields in your CleverReach account. A maximum of 45 data fields can be created. The shopware interface automatically creates 17 data fields during the initial import, such as first name, last name, address, etc.

Therefore, please delete data fields from your CleverReach account that are unfilled or no longer needed.

Error message "(InitialSyncTask) failed due to extended inactivity period":

This message means that the synchronization is taking longer than expected. At this point the timeout in the shop or plugin should be increased. Please send us your data as described below.

Error message "Cannot determine correct URL. Shop not configured correctly or plugin not active!"

Shop-URL and Shop-Configuration URL are not the same.

This can be checked as follows:

Log in to your shopware shop.

Look under [Settings] - [Basic settings] - [Shop settings] - [Shops] for the shop URL and compare it with the address that is shown in the address bar of your browser. These URLs should be exactly the same. If they are not the same, please log in from the URL provided in the shop configuration.

Error message "An unknown error has occurred. Please try again later."

If you receive the error message "An unknown error has occurred when installing one of our plugins. Please try again later", it is often due to the fact that an outdated browser is used, third-party cookies are blocked or an outdated plugin version is used.

Please check first which plugin version you are using and update the plugin version if necessary.

In the next step, please try to connect with Chrome or Firefox in the latest version. Internet Explorer or Safari are unfortunately not supported as browsers.

Furthermore, it is very helpful if third-party cookies are allowed:

If you're using Google Chrome and "Block third-party cookies" is enabled, you'll get this error. If you're using Safari and have "Cross-site tracking" enabled, the error message will also appear.

Your question has not been answered yet?

In order to be able to analyze your case in more detail, please provide us with a detailed error description. You are also welcome to send us screenshots that visualize the incorrect behavior.

For a detailed analysis, please also send us your shopware backend URL as well as the user name and password. Furthermore, the FTP access data for your server will help us to perform the analysis quickly and successfully.

Before we access the external software, please confirm the disclaimer below. For this purpose, an email from the admin of the CleverReach account or the account owner is sufficient:

Herewith I confirm the following information:

"I acknowledge that CleverReach® only owes email support according to the terms and conditions. The access to my system is a voluntary service that goes beyond the contract. It is a courtesy relationship in the narrower sense, for which CleverReach® does not assume any liability."

You can also send us the confirmation right away.

Submit your support request here or send us an e-mail to

Many thanks in advance.