User Manual Magento 2 Integration

The CleverReach® Magento 2 Integration extension offers the synchronization of your Magento 2 newsletter subscribers and CleverReach® subscription groups.

The CleverReach® Magento 2 Integration will track customers who have followed the links in your email campaign. When a customer completes a purchase, the extension will send basic order details back to your reporting dashboard in CleverReach®. This allows you to analyze conversions generated by your mailings.


  • Entire recipient list, data fields, segments and tags are created automatically
  • Automatic import of existing recipients and customers incl. order information
  • Regular live synchronization of new recipients and customers incl. order information
  • Recipients are noted with "yes" or "no" for their respective newsletter status
  • Automatic transfer of customer group and sub shops details for each recipient
  • Synchronization of unsubscribes between shop system and CleverReach®
  • Product search: Insert your products into your newsletter
  • Connect Link extension: Statistics about orders and turnover from each email campaign
  • Plugin is available in english, german, french, italian and spanish

Installation via the marketplace

Install the CleverReach® Magento integration within a few minutes by going through the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your Magento marketplace account

Step 2: Open the CleverReach extension page in your marketplace and hit the “Add to Cart” button

Step 3: Click on the cart icon in the page header and the “Go to Checkout” button

Step 4: Fill out the checkout options and click on “Place Order”

Step 5: To install CleverReach for your Magento shop, log into your Magento 2 Admin Panel

Step 6: Start the Component Manager and click on “Sync”. For detailed help on how to start the Component Manager take a look at this Magento help page.

Step 7: After the Component Manager has finished the synchronization, you can install the CleverReach module by following Magento tutorial

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