User Manual Magento 2 Integration

The CleverReach® Magento 2 Integration extension offers the synchronization of your Magento 2 newsletter subscribers and CleverReach® subscription groups.

The CleverReach® Magento 2 Integration will track customers who have followed the links in your email campaign. When a customer completes a purchase, the extension will send basic order details back to your reporting dashboard in CleverReach®. This allows you to analyze conversions generated by your mailings.


  • Exporting existing contacts and customers including their order information
  • Regular live export of new contacts and customers including their order information
  • Double-Opt-In option for new customers
  • Product search: Insert your products into your newsletter
  • Connect Link extension: Statistics about orders and turnover from each email campaign
  • Option to allocate different online shops to your CleverReach account


The CleverReach® Magento 2 extension can be installed within a few minutes by going through the following steps:

Step 1:

Download the extension

Step 2:

Unzip the file in a temporary directory

Step 3:

Upload it to your Magento installation root directory

Step 4:

Disable the cache in admin panel under System­ >> Cache Management

Step 5:

Enter the following in the command line (upgrade database):
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Step 6:

Enter the following in the command line (deploy static content):
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 7:

You might need to fix permissions on your Magento installation

Step 8:

After opening Stores­ -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Advanced, the module will be shown in the admin panel

After the installation is complete, CleverReach® configuration can be set by clicking on CleverReach® icon in the main menu located on the left-hand side of the screen.

First use wizard

When the extension is launched for the first time, the configuration wizard will appear.

First step: Configurations

Connect with your CleverReach® account by clicking on “Connect” button.

To connect Magento and CleverReach®, enter your CleverReach® credentials and click on the “Authorize” button to verify credentials. If credentials are correct, connection is successful and “Next” button is enabled.


On this page, you can also enable or disable a product search feature, which allows you to search Magento shop products from your CleverReach® account, as well as the debug mode, which allows the system to log all user actions.

By clicking the “Next” button, you move on to the second step in the installation process.

Second step: Customer Groups

At this stage, you allocate shop customer groups to existing CleverReach® subscriber lists, and choose an opt-in form to send as a subscription confirmation email, if necessary. If “None” option is selected for CleverReach® subscriber list, the corresponding shop customer group will not be allocated to CleverReach®. If “None” option is selected for opt-in form, a default shop email will be sent.

You can go back to the first step by clicking on “Previous” button, and move on to the third step by clicking on the “Next” button.

Third step: Import

During the final step, you determine the batch size and the number of customers to be imported into CleverReach® system per one request. This number must be an integer between 50 and 250. After that, you can import customers by clicking on “Start import” button. The default value is 100.

After completing the import, all configuration parameters are set.

Changing configuration

After the initial configuration setup in wizard mode, you can change any configuration parameters in a tab mode.

Enable double opt-in

To enable double opt-in for each subscriber, go to:
[Stores] -> [Settings] -> [Configurations] -> [Customers] -> [Newsletter] -> [Need to confirm]

If the “Need to Confirm” value is set to “Yes”, each subscriber needs to verify their subscription to the newsletter, otherwise they will be subscribed automatically.

Please note that if this option is enabled in the first import of customers, all customers will get a confirmation email.

Product search

To connect your email campaign and shop products, go to Drag-and-Drop Editor in CleverReach® system and drag "Magento - Product search" to content of email.

Here you can search products from your Magento shop by ID or SKU. After the search is completed, you need to confirm adding a product to your email content by clicking on the “OK” button.

You will find the plugin on the Magento marketplace: Download

Important notes:

1. Please note if double-opt-in is enabled in first import of customers, all customers will get a confirmation email.
2. All data will only be transferred from Magento to CleverReach®. A transfer from CleverReach® to Magento is not made.

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